About Us

We are your local surf shop. Yet we're not. We are your neighborhood skate shop. Yet we're not. We're the place to get the best gear on the way to your favorite winter hill. Yet we're not.

Brave New World is SO MUCH MORE.

Brave New World began in 1974 as a local beach shop, and has expanded over the years into one of the east coast's largest retailers of surf and snow equipment, gear and apparel. How'd we do it? By providing superior equipment and clothing, great customer support, and fair prices, our reputation is quickly expanding through the United States and the world.

At our three retail locations and through our web site, we carry a huge inventory of surfboards, skateboards, snowboards and skis, wetsuits and UV protective clothing, surf and snow gear and accessories, men’s, ladies’ and kids’ clothing, winter outerwear, footwear, sunglasses and watches, even fun accessories for home and car.